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G10i GNSS Receiver

G10i Brings you GNSS RTK measurement technology revolution, The ultimate sophistication of the magnesium alloy body,equipped with a new intelligent control platform, Web-UI WIFI smart battery In addition to hardware upgrades, it brings RTK measurement cloud services to help you enhance the core competitiveness in the mobile Internet era, the new hardware and software collocation, enhance the measurement concept, G10i will subvert the tradition.

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• The fuselage is exquisite, the aluminum magnesium alloy outer shell, the acme exquisite, feels extraordinary! The metal shell of Al Mg alloy is becoming the standard configuration of all high-end GNSS products in the world, Al Mg alloy is not only stronger and lighter than traditional materials, but most importantly, it can effectively block and suppress multipath noise from the ground,effectively improve the operation accuracy of RTK and anti-interference ability in complex environment.

• The host comes with OLED high-definition LCD screen, each module working state can be clear and intuitive display, Including the traditional battery residual power, as well as digital display of the current signal strength, the number of satellites and information, the current state of the solution, etc., more convenient and user-friendly.

• Controller and receiver can use WIFI instead of regular Bluetooth (including NFC) to transmit data. Its advantage is: faster, more stable, signal intensity visualization, support multi terminal connection, better safety and simple to use, support auto disconnect, the advantages of low energy consumption more, bid farewell to the annoyance of Bluetooth.

• Equipped with the fifth generation of "Lyra" chip and "Athena" calculation engine, performance in the long baseline in weak signal environment particularly well. Support A-RTK aided measurement (Star chain continuation of the journey) technology. In the case of disconnecting the base station differential signal (whether radio or network signals), the rover continues to maintain a fixed accuracy solution of a certain time(15-30min), providing the user with uninterrupted measurement of new experience!

• Perfect support for single Beidou. Even if we close the GPS and GLONASS satellites, we can still achieve stable, precise and high-precision positioning.

• Intelligent fast connector with patented technology. The quick connector, simple and ingenious, allows you to install or
disassemble the RTK host in one second with just one button and one click.
• Built in Linux intelligent operating system, 800MHz processor , support multi-threaded task processing,to create intelligent
RTK workstations.
• Supports high rate data acquisition up to 50HZ It is convenie nt to extend the function in the field of high dynamic
• Controller choice is flexible. The user can select industrial grade Windows Mobile platform ru gged controller, also can choose
high profile professional Android platform controller, while supporting the intelligent mobile phone or tablet directly as controller.

Signal Tracking

394 channels satellite signals

-GPS: L1 CA/L1P/L1C/L2P/L2C/L5

-BeiDou: B1, B2, B3



Positioning Accuracy

High Precision Static Surveying Static

-Horizontal: ±2.5 mm + 1 ppm

-Vertical: ±5 mm + 1 ppm

Real Time Kinematic

-Horizontal: ±8 mm + 1 ppm

-Vertical: ±15 mm + 1 ppm


- 0.3m

-Initializing time<10s

-Initialization reliability:>99.9%


Bluetooth device:

-Bluetooth2.1+EDR/Bluetooth4.0 BLE

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n

UHF Radio

-Internal radio (1w/2w)

-working frequency :410-470MHz

Web communication:

-WCDMA 3.75Gnet module support GPRS/EDGE.

-Could customize CDMA EVDO


Support status view, work mode settings, data download,

support for multi-user login

Satellites Tracked

Power Supply

Battery: Rechargeable and replaceable 11.1 V -3400 -37.7Wh

intelligent lithium battery

Working Time in Static (GPS+GLONASS):12hours

Working Time in rover:8hours

Charge Time(2batteries):Typically 4hours

External power: DC 9-18V

Physical Specification

Size: Φ14.4cm×14cm H


Interface: 5pin (1) 7pin(1) SMA(2)

Display: 128*64 OLED

Operating Temperature: -30°C to 65°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to185°F)

Waterproof/ Dustproof: IP67

Shock Resistance: Designed to endure to a 2 m pole drop on concrete floor with no damage.

Controller P9

System: windows


CPU: TI335X 1GHz

Storage: RAM:512M ROM:8G

Display: 3.7 inches

Battery:7.2V 24.5Wh

Time of usage: 10H

Data input: Full digital physical keyboard

Controller P9A

System: Google Android5.1

CPU: 4 core 1.1GHz

Storage: RAM:1GB ROM:8G

Display: 3.7 inches

Battery:7.2V 24.5Wh

Time of usage: 20H


Data input: Full digital physical keyboard


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