HY1601 Digital Echosounder

With DSP and digital imaging tech-nology, embedded industrial control system and data acquisition software, the HY1601 becomes a portable and integrated digital echo sounding system . Based on Windows XP, the survey software has abilites of automatically controlling sounding, intelligent dynamic signal detection, identifying and locked tracking, real-time monitoring, etc. Compatible with all survey software like HYPACK, EIVA and any other software packages, it is a perfect choice for surveying in the river, lake, ocean and other complex conditions.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Application
 Open platform,compatible with all types of acquisition and post-processing software.
 TVG/AVG dynamic adjustment,reinforced anti-jamming ability.
 Low noise reception,space and time filter adjustment,locked tracking.
 Multi-ports communications for GPS,motion sensors,etc.
 High speed USB interface,huge storage capacity
 Echogram output for real time display,storage,playback and printing.
 Available acquisition software like HYPACK,EIVA.
 High brightness LCD screen and ultra-wide angle of view. 

Transducer beam:208kHz,≤8°

Depth range:0.3m-300m


Output power:200W

Input power:22-31VDC or 180-260VAC

Consumption Power:100W

Recorder:Large capability hard disk storage

Dimensions: 400mm*130mm*310mm(Main unit)
                     10m(Cable length of transducer, adjustable)
                      3*0.7m(Supporting tube)
Weight:12kg(main unit),1.5kg(transducer),5kg(supporting tube)


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