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SunNav G1 Plus, new generation integrated RTK system with smaller size and innovative design. New generation of embedded Linux operating system platform improves RTK performance and work efficiency, leads the direction of new generation RTK with excellent performance, provides high-efficiency and intelligent surveying experience to customers. It isn’t simply smaller, it does better in everywhere

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Aplication

• Full Satellite support: GPS, BDS, GLONASS, SBAS, Galileo

• Intelligent Platform: 

  Linux OS 

  WebUI management platform 

  Cloud service: 24 hours Cloud service: online update software, online register, Remote 

  diagnosis and operate for the users.

• Tilt survey and Electronic bubble

• Wireless data communications: 


  Bluetooth 4.0 

  NFC: Quick Bluetooth pair

• Data Link: 

  Built-in functional digital radio 

  Built-in network module: support 4G/3G modules.

• iVoice

• Software: EGStar/SurvCE(option)/FieldGenius(option)

Surveying performance

Channels :220 Channels

Sigmal Tracking

-BDS B1,B2,B3



-SBAS L1C/A.L5(Just for the satellites supporting L5)

-Galileo GIOVE-A, GIOVE-B,E1,E5A,E5B


GNSS Features

-Positioning out rate:1Hz~50Hz

-Initialization time : <10s

 -initialization reliability:>99.99%

Positioning Precision

Code Differential GNSS Positioning

Horizontal: 2.5mm+1ppm RMS

Vertical : 5mm+1ppm RMS

SBAS positioning accuracy: typically <5m 3DRMS RMS 

Static GNSS Surveying

Horizontal: 2.5mm+0.5ppm RMS

Vertical : 5mm+0.5ppm RMS

Real-Time Kinematic Surveying

Horizontal: 8mm+1ppm RMS(Baseline<30km)

Vertical : 15mm+1ppm RMS

Horizontal: 8mm+0.5ppm RMSNetwork RTK

Vertical : 15mm+0.5ppm RMS

RTK initiallzation time:2~8s




Material:Magnesium aluminum alloy shell


Operating: -45℃~60℃

Storage: -55℃~85℃


Waterproof/ Dustproof

IP67 standard, protect from temporary immersion to depth of 1m

IP67 standard, protect from dust

Shock and Vibration

Withstand 2 meters pole drop onto the cement ground naturally

Withstand 40G 10 milliseconds sawtooth wave impact test


Power Consumption:1.8W

Battery:Single battery capacity 3400mAH ,standard two batteries

Battery Life

Single battery

7h(static mode)

5h(intermal UHF base mode)

6h(rover mode)

Communications and Data Storage

I/O Port

5PIN LEMO external power port +RS232


1 network/radio data link antenna port

SIM card slot

Wireless Modem

Integrated internal radio receiver and transmitter 0.5W/2W

External radio transmitter 35W

Working frequency: 410-470MHz

Communication protocol: Trim

Talk450s,TrimMark3,SOUTH(KOLIDA),PCC EOT 

Cellular Mobile Network: WCDMA3.5G network communication module,GPRS/EDGE compatible,4G,CDMA2000/EVDO 3Goptional 

Double Module Bluetooth: Realizing close range (shorter than10cm) auto,atic pair between G1 plus and controller (controller equipped with NFC wireless communication module )

Data Storage/Transmission

4GB intemal storage, more than 3 years raw observation data (about 1.4M/day, based on recording from 14 satellites) Plug and play mode of USB data transmission 

Data Format 

Differential data format: CMR+,CMRx,RTCM2.1,RTCM2.3,RTCM3.0,RTCM3.1,RTCM3.2

GPS output data format: NMEA 0183,PJK plane coordinates,binary code,Trimble GSOF

Network model support: VRS, FKP, MAC, supporting NTRIPprotocol


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