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AG100 Guidance System

SunNav guidance system AG100 consists of professional GNSS smart antenna, large display and LS guidance software. It would be the ultimate guidance solution for today's precision farmer. software has farmer friendly GUI and large iconic buttons for each function. It features navigation access within 3 click ideal for minimal training and guidance experience.

AG100 is robust, accurate and affordable enabling you to easily perform various farming tasks, extend your operating hours and enhance the productivity of your farm.

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■ Improve Efficiency:With 7 inch touchscreen display and intuitive interface, AG100 guidance system allows you to quickly access guidance lines and coverage maps.

■ Reduce the Waste:High precision allows the operator to navigate fields with minimal skips or overlaps in coverage,and help you reduce the waste of chemical, fertilizer or fuel.

■ Reliable GNSS:System utilizes professional GNSS receiver supports GPS/GLONASS or GPS/BeiDou that enables the system to be reliable in any environment at anytime. Get sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy with SBAS ideal for farming applications that can be accomplished with lower-accuracy corrections

■ Easy to Install and Move:This system is portable and easy to install to work immediately. System can be used from spraying to tillage. It can be moved in minutes when you are ready to change to another tractor, combine or sprayer.


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