K662 OEM Board

The FB662 board is a compact industrial grade high precision board with complete intellectual property rights. Support GPS BDS GLONASS satellite navigation system, support RTK positioning and dual antenna orientation, support multiple data interfaces. The board is of compact structure, hardware size and interface is compatible with imported boards, and support customized development.

It can be widely used in drones, high-precision mapping, machine control, system integration, displacement 

deformation monitoring,surveying and mapping GIS, precision agriculture, exploration, transportation and so on.

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■ Support main antenna BDS B1/B3、GPS L1/L2、GLONASS L1 Sub-antenna: BDS B1、GPS L1、GLONASS L1

■ Support DGNSS positioning

■ Centimeter high precision RTK positioning

■ Support dual-antenna orientation

■ Flexible external interface, support serial port, Ethernet, CAN/422

■ Built-in web interface for board upgrade, configuration, control and status queries.

■ Support remote upgrade

■ Support custom ASCII and binary format output

■ Compact and easy to integrate

Satellite Signals

–GPS L1 / L2

–BDS B1 / B3


Single frequency positioning (RMS)

Horizontal: 1.5m

Vertical: 3.0m

Dual frequency positioning (RMS)

Horizontal: 1.2m

Vertical: 2.5m


Horizontal: 0.4m

Vertical: 0.8m


Horizontal: 10mm+1ppm

Vertical: 15mm +1ppm

Orientation accuracy 0.2° / 1m baseline

Velocity accuracy (RMS): 0.03m/s

Time accuracy (RMS): 20ns

Measurement accuracy (RMS)

B1/L1 C/A code

-BDS 10cm

-GPS 10cm


B1/L1 Carrier phase

-BDS 1mm

-GPS 1mm


B3/L2P(Y) code

-BDS 10cm

-GPS 10cm

B2/L2 Carrier phase

-BDS 1mm

-GPS 1mm


-Size: 71 x 46 x 13 mm

-weight: 40g

-Antenna interface: MMCX

-I/O interface: 2x14 Pin

Working temperature: -40℃ ~85℃

Storage temperature: -55℃ ~95℃

humidity: 95% no condensation

impact: GJB150.18-2009, MIL-STD-810

shake: GJB150.16-2009, MIL-STD-810


Input voltage: 3.3VDC+ 5%/-3%

Power consumption: 2.7W (typically )

RTC: 1.8~3.3VDC

Antenna interface feed: 4.75~5.10V, 100mA Short circuitprotection

Antenna matching impedance: 50Ω

Functional Interface

Serial port



Max 921600bps *CAN / RS-422: 1x 

CAN or 1x RS-422 for option

Ethernet: 1x LAN, 10M / 100M

1PPS output: 1x LV-TTL

Event input: 1x LV-TTL


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