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The choke measuring antenna meets the needs of highprecision measure-ment and multisystem compatibility for measurement equipment. Widely used in CORS stations set up, land surveying, seismic monitoring, moni-toring of landslides, bridges and other highprecision measurement of de-formation monitoring applications.

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 The antenna part of the multi-point design and fully symmetrical antenna structure, phase center accuracy to millimeter level, and the phase center of high stability, good repeatability;

 The use of 2D choke coil design, to achieve excellent multi-path suppression effect;

 The antenna low elevation gain, high altitude satellite signal tracking ability, to ensure that the system has enough number of satellites;

 LNA part of the pre-filter design, effectively suppress the band interference signal, to avoid causing the amplifier saturation, improve system reliability;

 Built-in lightning and voltage regulator circuit, the effective protection of the amplifier to ensure that the normal work in harsh environments;

 Shell with high reliability of the engineering plastics, using the overall waterproof design,waterproof rating IP67, to ensure that the antenna can work outdoors for many years.

Antenna indicators

Frequency Range:
-GPS: L1,L2,L5
Polarization mode: right-handed circular polarization
The antenna axial ratio:≤3dB
Horizontal coverage angle:360°
Output standing wave:≤1.5
Vertex gain:≥5dBi
Phase center error:±1mm


Working Temperature: -55°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C to +85°C
Working storage humidity:95% (no condensation)

Low-noise amplifier index

Noise figure:≤2dB
Output standing wave:≤2
Operating Voltage:3.3~18VDC
Operating Current:≤55mA
Differential transmission delay:≤5ns

Structural properties

Size :Φ322×240mm
Connector Type: TNC-K
Bottom installation method:5/8"-11UNC
Weight: 5000g


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