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HT-3D Choke Ring Antenna

3D choke antenna to meet the needs of highprecision measurement equip-ment and multisystem compatibility. Widely used in CORS stations set up, land surveying, seismic monitoring, monitoring of landslides, bridges and other high-precision measurement of deformation monitoring applications.

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 The antenna part of the multi-point design and fully symmetrical antenna structure, phase center accuracy to millimeter level, and the phase center of high stability, good repeatability;

 Using 3D multi-frequency choke coil design, to achieve excellent multi-path suppression effect;

 The antenna low elevation gain, high altitude satellite signal tracking ability, to ensure that the system has enough number of satellites;

 LNA part of the pre-filter design, effectively suppress the band interference signal, to avoid causing the amplifier saturation, improve system reliability;

 Built-in lightning and voltage regulator circuit, the effective protection of the amplifier to ensure that the normal work in harsh environments;

 Shell with high reliability of the engineering plastics, using the overall waterproof design, waterproof rating IP67, to ensure that the antenna can work outdoors for many years.

Antenna indicators

Frequency Range:

-GPS: L1,L2,L5

Polarization mode:right-handed circular polarization

The antenna axial ratio:≤2dB
Horizontal coverage angle:360°
Output standing wave:≤1.5

Antenna gain:≥

angle of elevation 90°≥6dBi ;
angle of elevation30°≥1dBi ;
angle of elevation 15°≥-3dBi
Cross polarization ratio:±60 degrees ≥25
Phase center error:±1mm


Working Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C to +85°C
Working storage humidity:95% (no condensation)

Low-noise amplifier index

Noise figure:≤2dB
Output standing wave:≤2
Anti-burn power:≥6W
Operating Voltage:3~18VDC
Operating Current:≤55mA
Differential transmission delay:≤5ns

Structural properties

Size : Φ322×264mm
Connector Type: TNC-K
Bottom installation method:5/8"-11UNC
Weight: 5300g


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