AG300 GNSS Auto-Steering System

T200 Android 4G Tablet

AG2000 GPS Land Leveling System

A90 GNSS RTK Receiver

C6 GNSS RTK Receiver

HY1600 Precision Echosounder

HY1601 Digital Echosounder

HY1602 Dual Frequency Echosounder

M990 GNSS Receiver

M100T GNSS Receiver

M100TT GNSS Receiver

M328 GNSS Receiver

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GPS500 GPS Antenna

HT- 1A Helical Antenna

HT-2D Choke Ring Antenna

HT-3D Choke Ring Antenna

SMC-100 Laser Guidance System

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Control Apollo7

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HY-A2000(L) VTOL fixed-wing

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K200 OEM Board

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C1 GNSS Receiver

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Smart 940 Cors Receiver

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AG808 Laser Land leveling system

AG808+ Laser Land leveling system

AG818 Laser Land leveling system

AG909 GNSS Leveling System

AG700 GNSS Leveling System

AG1000 GNSS Leveling System

AG100 Guidance System

AG2000 GPS Land Leveling System

The AG2000 system is a high-precision and high-performance GNSS Land Leveling system,independently developed by SunNav.Widely used in precision agriculture for wasteland restoration,land remediation and leveling, slope land conversion, paddy field leveling,dry land leveling and other large areas land leveling. It can also be used for water conservancy,airport construction and large-scale stadium construction.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Aplication
1.10.1-inch high-resolution display screen, Real time display of height difference and equipment status information 
2.Support high-precision centimeter-level positioning and orientation
3.Support leveling slopes and horizontal planes, simple operation, site operation will not be affected by sandstorms, blowing sand, heavy fog, strong wind and other weather, high operation accuracy, 24 hours operation can be realized
4.Vehicle regulation level can ensure normal operation in harsh environments, IP65 protection level
5.Land surveying function 
6.Support CORS system (Ntrip CORS network)
7.Adjustable control accuracy, Adjustable solenoid valve response sensitivity
8.Support 100M Ethernet, 4G full Netcom, WIFI, Bluetooth communication interface
9.Adjustable radio frequency/protocol/airspeed, frequency range 410MHz-470MHz, Avoid radio signal interference, compatible with all base station
10.Support remote online upgrade of the system
11.2 cameras, support monitor in all directions without dead ends
12.AB line guidance navigation, support all kinds of operations such as planting, spreading, fertilizing, and ridging
13.Support 250K/500K CAN bus (J1939, CAN Open)
14.12V voltage power input, support ignition detection
SYSTEM Android 7.1.1
4 cores, 1.5GHz
1G RAM, 2G optional
8G ROM, 16G optional
Built-in speaker (8ohm, 3W)
RS232 serial port*3
CAN*1 (support J1939,
CAN Open protocol)
USB 2.0*1 (support host and debug mode)
DC in*1
DI*4, DO*4
12V DC external power supply*3
Analog camera input*2
100M Fast Ethernet*1
DISPLAY 10.1 inch high resolution LCD display Screen,
resolution: 1024*600
Capacitive touch screen, support multi-touch
Power 12 DC input
Support power failure detection
Function & button Power switch key Environment
Protection level: IP65
Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃,
Humidity: 0%~90%RH
Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃,
Humidity: 30%~95%RH
NETWORK 2.4G Wi-Fi, IEEE802.11 g /b/n
BT4.0, BLE
Specification size(W*H*D):297*203*43mm
GNSS -Channels: 352 Channels
-GPS: L1 C/A code,L1/L2 p code, L5
Cold start: <50s Hot start: <15s
Radio Module: - Adjustable Full Band: 410-470 MHz
-Horizontal: ± (10 + 1×10 -6×D mm
-Vertical: ± (20 + 1×10 -6×D) mm


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